Nicopanda is one of the biggest fads trending in Hong Kong right now. But just because you don’t live in Hong Kong doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all of the action. Whether you are a Lady Gaga fan, Nicola Formichetti fan, or just like cool and cute stuff you can now shop for Nicopanda items online on the Lane Crawford website. I’m not sure if it’s coming to Canada or if there’ll be any official promotional events here. But you can still have fun collection the stickers and buy the t shirts if you’re into all things cute!

With every online order you get a free Nicopanda Surprise Gift!

I wish I was in HK so that I could collect the free stickers and badges and also get an autographed t-shirt. I like the Lady Gaga panda with the blond bow hair style. I think maybe they should make a Rick Genest panda. That would be kind of cool and I’m not sure exactly how that would look, but I’m sure it’ll turn out good by adding his signature tattoos on the panda. I think that they’d have to pay him a big share of the profit and that might not be something they have in mind, but since RicoTheZombie has many fans I’m sure it’ll drive up the sales even more. But I guess this is supposed to be focused on Nicola himself and of course the Lady Gaga Panda had to happen. Perhaps they’ll come up with other celebrity version pandas in the future such as Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber, etc… Now I’m stunned because I suddenly just realized that the Panda looks just like Nicola himself or at least the facial features. It’s kind of amazing!

Check out Lane Crawford and Nicola Formichetti Facebook Pages and become a Fan!

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